Hollie’s first week at StopGAP

Ever since I heard that I would be starting as the new Intern at StopGAP I have been anticipating my first day, getting more and more excited!

The Big Day finally arrived on Wednesday 4th January. I entered the StopGAP base… where my new friendly and welcoming colleagues greeted me and began the task of gently easing me into the team.

The office, I realised, seems deceptively calm. After an introduction to the team and a breakdown of who is who in the company my head was already full of a massive amount of information. During a scheduling meeting it dawned on me how busy and active StopGAP will be this year. I cannot wait to learn more about the workings of the company. I am eager to experience as much as possible!

On Thursday 5th I helped the Dancers construct the table used in ‘Within’, easier said than done, imagine a flat pack table, then imagine numerous bolts/screws/nuts, unusual design and no instructions…that about sums it up! But completing the build was very satisfying and involved a lot of good humour and banter. Priceless.

I then joined the company class with Sophie, Chris and David, using my brain and my body more than I have in past last few weeks, I was expecting to ache the next day, and I was right! Ouch! I finished up the day by observing the Dancers at work: preparing for weekend workshops and rehearsing movement material. It was impressive to see how movement was generated and how focused and self-driven they were even at the end of the day.

Friday 6th, the last day of my first week and another day packed with information. I watched the DVD of Trespass, giving me an insight into what the Dancers are currently working on. I sent off my application for the all-important CRB check and read through some project info sheets, which I will soon be creating myself! After a chat with Abi I am ready for next week and looking forward to some more challenges. Challenge No.1: to read the company handbook, all 43 pages of it…

Hollie McGill


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