SPUN Productions – Chris

I like the characters and the Camera crew because it makes me feel that my character JB takes the lime light.

In  our piece we have a GMTV scene, I like this  because it shows my character off. I imagine that Ben Shepard and Christine Bleakley are interviewing my character’s life and the story of JB and how he has had a short but wonderful career in music and will also be nominated for a Brit award.

I also like the new idea of having a TV in the living room scene while Dave is having a time of his life dreaming of fantasy tales in his dreams.

The new music by Jim Pinchen and voice overs work very well and it does link the piece together because it introduces the characters in Dave’s dream.  For me the music of the trio in the shoe shuffle really climaxes and I like dancing with David and Tomos.

I also see that Dave is living his life with Lu in the opening duet and later on in the new choreography. I do like the new set that includes wooden frames it gives the whole piece a stunning out come.


Chris Pavia


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