Tom T’s SPUN thoughts

Working on Spun Productions for StopGAP has  been a thoroughly life affirming experience and I am thankful for each  increasingly bonkers minute!

As an actor with Cerebral Palsy and Dyspraxia (I have performed with the Graeae Theatre Company since 2007)  I felt very excited yet genuinely daunted at the prospect of being involved in a touring dance production. Despite having taken some valuable classes introducing me to contemporary movement work, I still had to adjust my thought processes from:  ‘I am scared! This is much more than a class, back off while you can wobbly Essex man!’ to: ‘it’s ok to try this. Just get stuck in and ask for support when you need it .’ StopGAP have provided that support continuously.

One of the things I appreciate most about working for the company (apart from the general atmosphere of fun) is their willingness to nurture the creative potential in someone. They are not fazed by physical, sensory, or any other sort of challenge. Whenever I feel self doubting or nervous someone is there to assist with bringing my inner dancer out of me! This means more to me than I can fully express. Gradually I am learning to kindly undo years of self consciousness and negative beliefs about my body.

Thank you guys!

Other life lessons learnt include: When you see a six foot sound boom microphone being thrown towards your face in rehearsal, duck first, smirk later.

Tom Thomasson 


One Response to Tom T’s SPUN thoughts

  1. I like the term ‘wobbly essex man’ 🙂

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