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On the 3rd September Lucy, Chris, and I went to Mayford Center in Woking to do some Gyro with a Professional Trainer named Salvatore Lo Monaco. He went through some exercises with us that were based on technique, positioning and skills to work on. The problem was my right shoulder and I would have to find a balance between releasing and relaxing it. Chris needed his fluidity back and he would to have to find a way to bring it back into his body again.

In his work he uses imagery development to maintain on that particular body part; to understand that he uses words like ‘pushing away’, ‘exhaling and inhaling’, ‘releasing’, and ‘using the eyes’. These kinds of words help us to warm up when we do rehearsals at work.

If you want to arrange a session at Eden Spiral here is the point of contact, website link, and email:

Number: 07784 593 995

Email: info@edenspiral.com

Website: www.edenspiral.com

Hannah Sampson


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