Workshop at Yorkshire Dance (with Dave Toole!)

On the 11th and 12th October; Lucy Bennett, Sho Shibata and I went up to Leeds to do a pre-audition workshop for a replacement dancer for the main StopGap Team. When we got to Leeds we all stayed in Travelodge so that we could do the workshop on the day after. The workshop was for a dancer to work with StopGap Dance Company and to get to know us as a Company.

At the workshop at Yorkshire Dance, Lucy and I met an old acquaintance that worked with StopGap before; his name is Dave Toole. He was a guest star dancer for one of our old reps which was ‘Tracking.’  Lucy, Dave and I taught the whole workshop which was based on a Company Class that StopGap does as a Company. The participants we taught were dancers and Students from University’s or Dance companies. The workshop was great and everyone had fun dancing with us. Everyone in the end was asking questions to us about StopGap’s work as a Dance Company.

Hannah Sampson

(Dave Toole in Tracking)


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