David’s Resolution! thoughts

‘Leave Elegance to the Tailor’

Several months ago I was confined to a hotel in Barcelona, Spain, filling out my application form for Resolution! 2013. That night It seemed that everything that could go wrong, did. Power failure on my laptop, loss of the hotel’s Internet connection, staff explaining “the engineer could be here in 10 mins or 10 hours, sorry”.

Thankfully, before my trip abroad, I had already negotiated my first collaborator for the piece. Dance Artist, Daniela B Larsen. As eager as I was to return to the studio with Larsen, after her short stint as the body double for Lucy, Stopgap’s Artistic Director, during last summer’s tour of SPUN Productions. I did not envisage the collaboration to begin quite so soon… With her help, the application procedure was completed and it was now time to focus on to the choreography and other collaborators.

Having worked with composer, Jim Pinchen, whilst performing with Stopgap, I knew he could convey the emotion I was looking to install in the piece. Working so closely with a composer was a pleasure, especially one so talented and exceptional at writing down the sound I believed only I could hear, perfectly.

My final collaborator was Gareth Green, a man with many strings to his bow, whose lighting design helped create the atmosphere and windows into the setting of the performance.

Having spent several weeks rehearsing, conversing and creating, the day of the performance was upon us. I was very excited and eager to see what was in store for me as ‘The Face and Name’ as well as the choreographer of a piece for public viewing for the first time. After years of being in dance repertoire companies I had become accustomed to being a member of a group, striving together to create an enjoyable experience for the audience. But always under the protection of a company’s name.

Thankfully I had the support of not only the collaborators, but friends and family. The lines between which blurred throughout the process. I was very pleased with the performance and its execution. The choreography, music composition and lighting worked harmoniously, and was met with very positive feedback and lovely comments. One reviewer described ‘Leave Elegance to the Tailor’ as the “…type of piece which makes people fall in love with contemporary dance.” (Chantal, Cloud Dance Festival)

Having left audience members and reviewers alike, calling out for more performances, it would be mean to not supply for the demand. This is merely the first footing…

David Willdridge


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