Captured by the Dark (Resolution!)

Before the 10th December 2012, Chris had permission to do a Resolution piece. When we all got the news via email, we congratulated Chris to start working on his new piece ‘Captured by the Dark’. At that time, Lucy Bennett and I couldn’t wait to really show Chris’s work at The Place. A few days after, Tomos Young, a guest star freelancer worked with me and Chris to work on the piece’s creation and performances.

At the beginning of the Creation process, Chris and I went into work and started rehearsing on the solos. Chris was ill at the time, but we both got through rehearsals together. By then, Chris had an idea of a card game that was based around like ‘rebounds’, ‘shockwaves’, and ‘folding’ etc. I then made up a solo using these words I picked up and Chris had tweaked a few movements around.

When Tomos and I started working on the piece, Chris taught me and Tomos some phrases and sequences to put into the four sections. Around this time, Chris had a meeting with Sarah Gilmartin and Dougal Irvine (composer and lighting creators). That meeting went well and they both took everything that Chris wanted for music and lights.

During the Creation rehearsals, Tomos and I went through the sections, bit by bit, remembering our moves so we could run-through the piece. Also in the meantime Chris had to film the both of us on Tomos’s iPad for us so then Tomos can upload them on Facebook. Sometimes, in our rehearsals; we did have some moments when there were some ups and downs as well. When we found out from Rhoda McGaw theatre, they wanted me and Tomos to perform a 10 minute piece using what we’ve got; but at the same time; Tomos wasn’t feeling quite well either.

On the 15th January 2013, Tomos and I performed at The Place. When we all got there, Tomos and I rehearsed in the space and run-through the piece with lights and music. When the performance started, Tomos and I were first on and performed the piece. It felt good and excitedly well. After performing the piece, the audience loved and complimented how beautiful and gorgeous it was.

Hannah Sampson



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