Chris’s Glasgow Blog

On the first day of the trip to glasgow me and Lucy started to plan exercises for the week ahead and then we started to plan what we needed to teach Kelly and Neil new choreographic ideas. The exercises that i did was the floor sequence and a swing exercise plus Lucy did plie exercise and feet exercise i also taught a travelling phrase that went onto their new piece and Lucy did some faster sequences. I had an amazing time to work with Neil and Kelly and they made up mini solo’s. i helped Neil with his solo and i saw some good material that he made up and i helped to developed his ideas.

The Next day of the week Lucy and i worked on contact and lifting and also giving weight we gave them tasks and then we taught them new ideas for the piece. Working with Neil and Kelly they were amazing to work with and the material has developed very well. Neil is amazing because it shows how much he works  hard and i am interested from what he has achieved over this week. And Kelly works on the same level.

This is the blog for glasgow:  chris

Chris and Neil working in Glasgow


Modern Art Oxford – Intonation

I went to Oxford with David to attend the Modern Art of Oxford Exhibition. My task was to create movement and to describe words written by Susan Norwood (Director of Modern Art at the Exhibition) to represent what these words meant, and to make up solo dances to describe the images in which these words appeared to me.

Danny Smith was one of the artists and we used some of his work to make movement patterns from his drawings. We also worked with Frances who is from Anjali, and we created a duet with her based on some of Susan’s words. Also, Ruth from Anjali worked with Hayley of Beserk Dance Group to create dance movements from sculptures and words.

Some of the images that we looked at were of tall sculptures with big or small faces. This is what we did at the exhibition of modern arts. One problem was when I tried to link duets to make it travel from one place to another, they did not really transfer through properly. Susan planned it through with the rest of us choreographers  except that it didn’t always go according to what she planned. We didn’t really achieve what I set out to do in every case. In one case when we were all standing beside different sculptures, I wanted to reposition the solos to create a pathway from one place to another so that I could link the sculptures with my dance, but it was not always successful.

I really enjoyed the week working in Oxford with other people and it was a successful week overall. I enjoyed creating the solos that we did in between each of the sculptures. And it was great working with Fran on the duets that we did together. I did kind of suggest ideas of what Susan planned but she did ignore some of my plans of creating work around sculptures. What did work was when we were in a room with small sculptures and I was able to create this sense of movement between rooms. Susan was a very nice lady and I enjoyed working with her. I did say that I enjoyed the working process around the modern arts museum it was great fun.

The best thing for me was that I learned some new skills working in a different environment, and David was great. He helped me to write up my notes on what we did and to express my thoughts on each stage of the work. David drew some sketches of what we did and we noted the movements which the sculptures inspired in our thoughts. It is quite difficult to express and link some of the sculptures in movement because sculptures are still and dance is movement, but we tried to do so.

Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Meeting the Queen was amazing and I was thrilled.  Attending the Royal Garden Party was really exciting and me and Vicki went right through Buckingham Place, it was incredible.  The Palace is like a big room filled with glamorous shining antiques and everything inside and outside was amazing.  It was a hot day and Vicki and I had a wandered around the gardens, it’s like being out in California and on a film set.  The flowers were all the colours of nature and we had a great day.

Invitation to the Royal Garden Party – 22 June

I was thrilled and excited to attend the royal garden party. It was great to receive an invite to Buckingham Palace this is my first time and I’ve never been to Buckingham palace before.

I told everyone about the invite and they were completely over the moon. When I received the mail I opened it when I got back from work and I felt this is something really special.

I was thrilled and amazing and really chuffed I just can’t believe how amazing it is to attend the royal garden party and it will be great fun. I do feel pleased and proud of myself to attend  this with Vicki. Everyone I told were very pleased that I was attending the royal garden party and going there will be an exciting day.

Meeting the queen sounds amazing and this is something I have never done before I feel like I’m on cloud nine and going to Buckingham palace will be a day to remember. So to the Queen I will say “See you on Tuesday!”

Power Rangers in Japan – by Chris Pavia (comments by Denise Woods)

I thought Japan was enjoyable and that the sites and the cities were incredible. I took loads of photos in Japan and I really enjoyed the St Patrick’s Day Parade and all the other nationalities taking pat. I wanted to wear my green jumper to celebrate too especially as Ireland won the Rugby as well. (We found a big parade in Tokyo for Paddy’s day with live music, people dressed and painted green and the whole Irish, English and American community including their pets out! – D).

I did enjoy the first performance of the night and wow the theatre was massive. the audience were incredible too (We started in Fukuoka – a modern city across a range of canals – like blade runner film -D).

Tokyo reminds me of New York (The main crossroads was full of thousands of people all crossing the road at the same time and we nearly lost Chris and Donna – screaming their name until we found them! – D). The stores and shops were massive and every building had decorative neon lights.

Toyama was my favourite place because for breakfast I had a American waffles with maple syrup. I thought it tasted glorious and something special (the rest of the trip we kept Chris alive on imported Weetabix!- D).

I did like working with the students in the educational workshops and also liked the showing of the piece that had the young people throwing bottles of water and spilling the water everywhere (This was a great piece made for young children by Japanese Choreographer Takuji Ito -D). It was really inspiring to me because of the young children’s creativity and it was incredible to see their potential.

The favourite thing I bought was a Mast rider weapon device (from Power Rangers the children’s TV show -D) . The voice changer was brilliant but it only had weapons sounds and did not morph me into a Power Ranger which I would have liked!

(It turns out StopGAP’s own Sho Shibata was in the original cast of Power Rangers as a baddie prince – he even had his own henchmen!!!! and Sho had celebrity status while we were in Japan!!!- D)

Chris Pavia comments on the success of Caravan Showcase

Caravan performance went really well last week. We got a huge cheer from the audience, and all the foreign delegates said they liked our work a lot. Many of them were talking to Vicki, Denise and Sho at the interval. We even had someone crying at the end of Rob Tannion’s piece! The technicians at Komedia were really nice too, and very helpful. There was a man wearing a Superman T-shirt called Richard, and he was cool. We also had a documentary filmmaker filming us. They were running around a lot when we were rehearsing, so hopefully, they got some amazing video of us!