Countdown to Trespass Premiere – Part 1 – by David Willdridge

Between nervousness and excitement – that’s where I was when I shook Thomas Noone’s hand, knowing full well that for the next few weeks I would be put to test… I’d seen his choreography before and could tell StopGAP could to add a twist to his other works. I especially looked forward to the complex duets and lifts that are usually his trademark, mainly because I knew they would make my arms look hench!

Storming about the landscape like rush of wind (collapsing afterwards from exhaustion…), power changing duets, vulnerable solos and the unity of external presences chip away at the mind of the central character… Poor Laura! Thomas created a brooding atmosphere for WITHIN through his choreography and the connections between each character.

I found Thomas Noone’s choreographic method to be refreshingly simplistic, though highly effective. I’ve never seen anyone push Chris so much artistically either. The piece pivots on Laura’s character, but the whole team look extremely strong. It’s pieces like WITHIN that made me want to be a professional dancer!

Sophie Brown writes Part 2 of our 3-part blog for the premiere at The Point, Eastleigh.


StopGAP’s new dancer speaks about his first month with the company

… there’s me thinking StopGAP would ease me into things! No such luck.
First and foremost, I’m extremely proud to be the newest member of StopGAP Dance Company. I can see myself growing as an artist here, and more importantly i can see my character growing here too.

It’s been enjoyable, but a challenging few weeks. I’ve worked with Dan and the rest of StopGAP dancers to learn the repertoire for the upcoming tour, and I quickly realised how much hard work had gone into producing the pieces! I look forward to the challenge of taking Dan’s roles and making them my own. Dan has left big shoes for me to fill, but I plan on bringing my own! 🙂

Aside from learning the repertoire, I’ve also been learning to teach workshops in ‘the StopGAP way’. Encouraging people to dance in an inclusive environment has been a desire of mine for many years, and to be given the opportunity by StopGAP to do this means a great deal to me.

So far, being with the company has been like a roller-coaster, I’m not too sure what is around the next corner… I do however, know that my first performance will be in Japan, so just like the rehearsals, I’m being thrown in the deep end. (Good job I can swim) Cheers guys..!